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Ingenious influences


Talk Talk launched as a consumer brand in 2003 and over the years has worked hard to transform the UK’s telecoms landscape. Ingenious Performance have been working with Talk Talk in the UK for the past four years, supporting over 100 of their people. Our relationship with them is on-going.

Influencing and negotiation

Following a thorough business needs analysis, Talk Talk identified a need to enhance performance in influencing and negotiation, both at an operational and strategic level. They went out to tender, and selected Ingenious Performance because of our unique approach to performance coaching and our transformational results.

Directly impacting business challenges

We worked with Talk Talk to design an experience that would directly impact the business challenges they had observed. Through the use of live scenarios, intense practice and behavioural insights, the programme has created a fierce reputation within the organisation of one that not only improves performance at work, but is also a catalyst for transformational changes in people’s personal lives.

Managing Director of Lorem ipsum Ammon Lewis

"It's been pivotal for us to draw on the expertise you bring into the business... We've absolutely seen a shift change in the way people are operating today, and that's down to these programmes"

Richard Flood L&D Business Partner, Talk Talk

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