We help transform the performance of your organisation by working with your leaders, managers and staff.


Traditional training courses don’t work. Delegates may leave with sound bites, but unless what’s limiting their performance has been addressed, unless they're moved to take action, their workplace behaviour and performance will not change. We take a personal approach to each delegate in the room, getting under the skin of what’s stopping them from performing to their full potential. We are a catalyst for lasting behaviour; performance changes from the moment delegates leave the room.


We have designed and delivered performance solutions for some of the world’s leading brands — big and small.


Ingenious Performance was founded on the belief that anything is possible when it comes to performance and the impact we have on each other in the workplace. An individual’s ability to lead, influence and communicate can transform or destroy their results — and in turn their organisation’s.


It’s time to have the conversation you’ve been avoiding. Let’s decide what it is and how to have it.


The challenges that arise will be unique to your workplace, so our solutions are always tailor-made. However, below we’ve outlined some general themes that clients approach us with, and why it’s important to address them.

Performance Conversations
“We’re not having fantastic conversations about performance.”

We work with our clients to increase their people’s comfort and skill in talking about performance; not just in 1-2-1s, but to make it part of their rhythm.

Influencing Masterclasses
“We have people in our organisation who are technically brilliant, they just struggle to influence and have impact with the business, so we are not maximising their impact.”

We create experiences that are designed to help people confidently communicate their ideas, gain commitment and buy-in, and make sure your brightest voices don’t get lost.

Developing Responsibility & Resourcefulness
“We need our leaders to step up and let go in order to allow us to grow. They are trying to control everything and not trusting their teams to deliver, which is constantly focusing them on operational details rather than strategic thinking.”

Over the years we have helped clients change their leadership culture, through coaching and mentoring. We’ve moved them from being stuck in the detail and rescuing their managers, to creating meaningful responsibility, growth and ownership across their organisation.

Internal Conflict Resolution & Negotiations
“We need to find a way to improve communication across departments, by equipping our people with skills and behaviours that resolve competing priorities without damaging relationships.”

We work with organisations to break down silos and skilfully approach seemingly opposing agendas to create win:win outcomes.

Bringing our Culture & Values to Life
“We have some great values – the challenge is helping people translate them into behaviours.”

For a lot of businesses this is a real challenge. They have invested in refreshing their values, but people are struggling to understand what this looks like in practice in their day-to-day roles. We successfully work with organisations to bring their values and culture to life.

Authentic Leadership
“We want our leaders to increase confidence in decision making and forge their own authentic approach to their role.”

We work with leaders in organisations to help them discover their own unique leadership style, freeing them to take ownership for their decisions and behaviour within the workplace, and increasing engagement in teams.