Meet the Ingenious team


Kev Cottee-Wort

Company Director

Kev founded Ingenious Performance on the belief that performance and learning in any discipline come through the experiences we have. We learn in service of what we care about, and incorporate improved habits based on incremental practice, feedback, reflection and refinement. At Ingenious Performance, this philosophy underpins everything we do, to create world class performance experiences. This deep understanding has led to working with tens of thousands of leaders in large scale global businesses, assisting them to take their performance to the next level.

Sarah L.jpg

Sarah Lowes


Sarah is an experienced executive business coach, facilitator with experience of working across numerous sectors. Sarah has an engaging style of facilitation and delivery supporting clients to deliver tangible results with authenticity and confidence.


Dan Drury


Dan is a learning and development consultant with over 15 years experience. He has worked in-house as well as an external consultant and in a wide range of environments, sectors and cultures. He has an energetic and engaging style when in the training room that quickly puts participants at ease. His focus is on addressing the key behaviours required in any situation to move it forwards and ensuring that these are conveyed in as practical and pragmatic way as possible.

Sam D.jpg

Sam Dunn


Sam is a Business Psychologist who has worked for 20 years helping organisations achieve commercial success. He has particular interest and expertise in leadership development, team development, resilience and organisational culture.  At the heart of his approach is an ability to facilitate dialogue and unlock the often hidden, irrational and unpredictable dynamics in human relationships. He has held senior leadership and OD roles in GlaxoSmithKline, Investec, and Diageo. He is a Principle Founder member of the Association for Business Psychology.


Victoria Strachan

Business Role Player

Victoria works as a business role player with her expertise focusing around practising meaningful conversations, inclusive leadership, challenging unconscious bias and micro-behaviours impacting on performance. Over 12 years, she has helped performance transformation in national and local government, media, technology and retail. Seeing at first hand the transformative change in delegates resilience and confidence when they challenge themselves in the IP learning space is a huge personal driver for her.


Shelley Davenport

Business Role Player

Shelley has worked professionally as an actor and screenwriter, and has several years of experience as a Business Role Player both in the private and public sector. Shelley has also brought this experience to writing and developing learning experiences for Ingenious Performance - where she strives to create tailored and bespoke scenarios for clients. Shelley is a firm advocate of the power of experiential learning having seen the benefit that participants get from learning by doing, and she is passionate about providing detailed and evidence-based behavioural feedback to maximise learning for delegates.

Clare D.jpg

Clare Drury

Associate Consultant

Claire partners with organisations to create and facilitate impactful leadership development and behavioural change programmes. She focuses on asking great questions that really challenge thinking and lead to in-depth understanding. This is foundation for her solutions that make development part of the way things are done to get results for individuals, teams and whole organisations. Claire’s career has led her to work with a huge range of diverse companies and people, each one helping to build their own and her capability.

Mark M.jpg

Mark Manley

Associate Consultant


Mark works as an executive coach, leadership consultant and behavioural change expert with a deep expertise working in Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Government and Consulting in a career spanning 30 years. He believes that everyone has the right to be inspired by what they do and brings intense curiosity, backed up by decades of experience working in big, fast moving, complex, global organisations to deliver results for our clients.