Our focus is on the individual and helping them to perform at their best.


We are invested in each individual that we work with. We don’t give out name tags, because we want to really get to know who you are, what you want to achieve, and what’s stopping you from getting there at this time. It’s through this level of understanding and authenticity that we can help you to get the results you want.


The work we do together focusses on bringing about positive and sustainable changes in performance and behaviour.


For this to happen we create a safe environment for honest, respectful conversations. By sharing observations and insights in the moment, we can challenge unhelpful patterns and thinking, so that you leave the room on a positive road to lasting transformational change.


We don’t talk in the abstract. We recreate real-life workplace situations, so that what you’re learning is wholly related to what you do.


We immerse ourselves in your reality. We start by bringing the workplace into the workshop. We look at what you deal with and we build an experience around that, so that what you do and learn can be easily transferred back to the workplace when you leave.


We take this stuff really seriously, but there’s a playfulness to the way that we do it.


We’re a friendly, experienced team with proven expertise in helping people work through performance challenges. We pride ourselves on creating a safe, enjoyable and relaxed environment that results in positive outcomes.


We work with entire organisations, select teams, individuals and groups of individuals — as well as remotely for international companies.


From one-off experience-led workshops and performance workshops for groups, to 90-minute performance surgeries and team coaching, our format for delivery is designed around your needs. Our international clients also enjoy follow-up webinars. Whatever the format, our delivery is never passive, but centres around full participation, discussion and interaction.