Four keys to positive feedback



There are four types of recognition which we give and receive. The first two are about what someone does. If you do something I approve of, I might give you positive recognition for this in the hope that you will do it again. If you do something I don’t approve of, I might give you negative recognition, in the hope that this will help you navigate the future avoiding the same behaviour or action. This is what we commonly know in organisations as feedback, and if done well, can really accelerate a persons performance.

The other two types of recognition are less talked about but equally powerful.  These also come in positive and negative forms but are about who you are, they are usually communicated with a tone or body language to suggest that no matter ‘what you have done’, I value you as a human being.

Organisations who ignore this fast become dysfunctional.

There is never a justification for giving unconditional negative recognition to another human being – at its worse this is saying – i’d prefer it if you didn’t exist. Ask yourself, when you are giving recognition to others, are you clear of the distinction between the two?

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